10 Easy Ways To Get Good Marks in Board Exam in Minimum Time

10 Easy Way To Get Good Marks in Board Exam in Minimum Time : First thing that every board class aspirant wants is to score good marks. As soon as they reach their board class, only thing they plan of is to get good grades so that they can get into some good college to pursue their graduation and in the minds of 10th class students it is to get the stream they want to make career in. They work hard, they work dedicatedly to reach the goals they have set for their board class.

Every year we come across a lot of toppers, some are school toppers, some are state toppers, some are obviously all India toppers. We decided to know what timetable they follow and what are the easy way to get maximum no. in board exams. Then what is the difference between these students and the rest of the mass. We know everyone has different -different learning capacity. Some grab the things quickly, and some of us takes time to understand the same thing, but this does not mean that we should loose hope, we should keep on trying, unless or until we get success in that thing.

In this particular article we are going to discuss the ways that how you can get good grades in your board exams. See, nothing comes so easy in hands, we all have to work hard towards the particular goal we have set for ourselves. Daily we come across a lot of questions from a lot of students – some of them says they cannot concentrate in their studies, some says they study but they forget it within a very short span of time. Today in this particular article we are going to discuss about these small small problems that students face while studying and will suggest you some of the best ways that how you can get into effective learning, how you can concentrate on your studies. So let us begin.

10 Easy Ways To Get Good Marks in Board Exams in Minimum Time

Meditation & Yoga:

First and foremost thing important in the life of students is meditation and yoga. It is very important for a student to meditate and exercise daily. Both of these have a lot of advantages within themselves. Not only it makes you healthy and fit but also helps you in keeping your mind active, keeps your temper cool, relieves the level of your stress, helps you in having self control so that you can give time for yourself to take effective decisions. It is suggested that as a student you must meditate and exercise for 20 to 30 minutes daily on a regular basis.

Time Scheduling:

In life it is very important to work in a scheduled manner, whether it be waking up in the morning, exercising, studying, everything should be properly scheduled so that it cannot become a chaotic situation. There should be proper time of waking up and it should be followed daily whether it is your school time or holidays, there should be a fixed time of waking up, and get into a habit of waking up early at 5:00 A.M., after waking up at this time you will have a lot of time for daily utilities and revision of your work. So, try to manage time in the best and effective way you can.

Get Proper Sleep:

Being a student it is very important for you all to get proper sleep, because if you will get proper sleep your mind will work more effectively. You should get enough sleep of 6 to 7 hours daily, so that you should be active all day. It should not be less than 6 hours, because mind also needs proper rest to work effectively, otherwise it will affect your health also and also it should not be more than 7 hours, otherwise you will become lazy, which is again a big problem. So, you should get enough of 6 to 7 hours tension free sleep.

Proper Revision:

Whatever you are taught at school there should be proper revision of that part, do not get into the habit of mugging up, it is not going to help you out. Whatever you revise, make sure to practice it. See, when it comes to theoretical part then you will have to understand the concept, try to understand what the topic is saying, what it is all about, clear your concept about that. And for numerical section, you can practice 5-6 questions of the same type, try to understand the logics behind the solution and it can only be understood with practice, so keep on practicing till the time you do not have command over it.

Solving Sample Papers and Previous Years Question Papers:

Before appearing for the examination all of us have a lot of doubts about what will be the difficulty level of paper, how questions will be framed, and many more. The best way to remove all this examination fear and tension from your mind is to practice sample papers and previous years question papers.

This is the best way to do your revision work. Solving these papers will help you a lot in clearing your doubts and you will get a clear idea about how questions are framed in question papers. So, keep your last 3 months for practice from sample papers and previous year papers.

Eat Healthy:

You should always eat healthy food and avoid eating junk food, because your health matters a lot to focus on your studies, because if you will eat healthy you will be fit, and if you will be fit, you will be able to concentrate on your studies in the best and effective way.

Avoid Social Media:

Social media apps are the biggest distraction for students now a days. They are so addicted to these apps like instagram, whatsapp, facebook, snapchats and many more, that they waste a lot of their time there. The time that they should utilize for their studies, they waste it there in sharing or posting or reading stuff which is at all of no use of theirs. So, it is a humble request to all the students that these class are a crucial part of your life, do not waste your time by surfing these social media apps, rather concentrate on your studies.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask Queries In Class:

Most of the students hesitate to clear their doubts in class. They just think that other students will laugh at them and make fun of them, therefore they stay quiet and do not clear their doubts, which creates a lot of confusion in their mind, and their concepts do not get cleared because of which they are not able to understand the questions related to it. So, do not do this, where ever you find it difficult that you are not able to understand that particular thing just get your doubts cleared by your teachers, without thinking that other students will make fun of you.

Accept Your Weak Points:

Sometimes we know our weaknesses but we do not accept it, we keep on pretending that we are good at this particular thing and we do not work over it. Always know this that accepting your flaws is very important. Suppose you are not good at maths, so you should accept it and work hard towards it, so that you can improve on your weak portions. Challenge yourself daily that yes i can get better at this, practice with complete dedication and see no power can stop you from getting better at it.

Scoring Subjects Are The Key:

Scoring subjects are always ones key to improve their overall percentage. Subjects like english, hindi and other theoretical subjects do not need much practice, but this does not mean that you stop studying these subjects. No! you have to pay attention towards these subjects but 2-3 practices of these subjects is enough to help you get good marks, therefore always keep a hold on your scoring subjects.

So these are some effective ways to score good in your board examination. Do follow these steps and work hard for your board examinations in an effective and managed way, you will definitely get good grades.

Thanks for paying attention, we hope that you liked the content, and all the very best for your board examinations. May all of you get good grades.


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