CBSE Class 10th Blueprint 2019 Marking Scheme All Subjects Maths, Science, Social Science

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Get Latest blueprints and marking scheme for Class 10th all subjects from this article. Knowing marking scheme and sample paper made according to that marking scheme is very important from examination point of view, it lets us know which subject we have to focus the most. Although we have to study whole syllabus, but when we have blueprints, we come to know about which chapter holds how much weightage and how much important it is from examination point of view and it also helps students to score good.

Because with the help of these blue prints they are able to judge which chapters should be considered first to study, which chapters are scoring and what type of questions could be framed from here, they divide their time accordingly to study and get most of the benefits out of this planned schedule.

CBSE Class 10th Blueprint 2019 Marking Scheme All Subjects Maths, Science, Social Science

Here we are providing all the CBSE Class 10th Blueprint 2019 All Subjects Maths, Science, Social Science for CBSE Board students with the latest blueprints for class 10th all subjects. You can get an idea from these Latest Blueprints for Class 10th All Subjects. You all know that pattern for Class 10th examinations has been changed and now papers will be framed from whole syllabus of class 10th, so these CBSE Class 10th Revised Blueprints for all subjects will help you all a lot with your preparations.

CBSE Class 10th Revised Blueprints All Subjects:

Here we are providing you subject wise CBSE Class 10th Latest Blueprints for all subjects, which will help you a lot for a planned studying schedule.

CBSE Class 10th Maths Blueprints/Marking Scheme:

Serial No.ChaptersWeightage
1Number System06
3Co-ordinate Geometry06
7Statistics And Probability11
                                                         Total Marks80
No. Of QuestionsMarks Carrying
061 Mark
062 Marks
103 Marks
084 Marks
Total Questions = 30 QuestionsTotal Marks = 80 Marks

Class 10th Science Blueprints/Marking Scheme:

1Chemical Substances – Nature and Behaviour25
2World of Living23
3Natural Phenomena12
4Effects of Current13
5Natural Resources07
Total Marks80
Internal Assessment20
Grand Total100
Sr. No.Full Details
1CBSE 10 English Sample Paper 2019
2CBSE 10 Maths Sample Paper 2019
3CBSE 10 Exam Syllabus 2018-19
4CBSE 10 Science Sample Paper 2018-19
Type of QuestionsWeightage per QuestionTotal No. of QuestionsTotal Marks 
Very Short Answers (VSA)10202
Short Answers (SA)-120306
Short Answers (SA)-231030
Long Answers (LA)50630
Practice Based Questions (PBQ)20612

Class 10th Blueprints/Marking Scheme for Social Science:

Serial No.UnitsWeightage
1Indian And The Contemporary World – II20
2Contemporary India – II20
3Democratic Politics – II20
4Understanding Economic Development20
Total Marks80


SubjectsChapter No.Marks CarryingVery Short AnswerShort AnswerLong AnswerMap QuestionsTotal
History1 or 24118 + 2
4, 5, 6 (any one)411
7 or 8411
Map Work21
Geography1, 2, 462116 + 4
3, 5, 6621
Map Work 4(-)*
Political Science1, 26220
3, 4621
5, 641
7, 841
Total80 Marks10 Questions08 Questions10 Questions1 Question80 Marks

Class 10th Blueprints/Marking Scheme of English:

1Reading Skills20
2Writing Skills with Grammar30
3Literature Textbook and Extended Reading Text30

These are some latest CBSE Class 10th Blueprints for All Subjects. We do not assure these blueprints to be 100% true, but upto 90% you can trust them, because CBSE keeps on revising the pattern, so latest updates are made after the official notifications are released by the board. We hope that these latest blueprints for CBSE class 10th students will help each and every student a lot with the preparations and you all will score good. Good luck.

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